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"Robin Bradley (Lucretia) and David Govertsen (Collatinus) exhibited perfect Britten-styling; they could have 'sung' it, but instead they 'spoke' to each other, rewarding themselves and us with a living, theatrical moment, and revealing Britten’s matching, mystical lyricism." 

-Aaron Hunt , Newcity Stage

"Robin Bradley made admirable impact as Monique, Malignac's justifiably suspicious mistress"

-Lawrence A. Johnson, Classical Review

"Sharon Sullivan [Clorinda] and Robin Bradley [Tisbe] are nicely matched as the not-so-ugly stepsisters who charm us with their jealous rivalry."

-Steve Callahan, BWW Opera World

"Robin Bradley (Lois Lane/Bianca) sang and acted her part well, and her comical facial play and body language reminded the writer somewhat of the long lamented Broadway legend Fanny Brice..."

-George Parous, Pittsburgh in the Round


"Lois Lane...played with spunk by Robin Bradley"

-Brian Pope, PA Theater Guide

"Supporting roles are all strongly filled.  Robin Bradley as Emilia, Zachary Devin as Cassio, Clark Sturdevant as Roderigo and Winston Sullivan as Montano all do excellent work."

-Steve Callahan, KDHX Community Media



"Adding fine singing in support of the major players were Robin Bradley as Emilia, Zachary Devin as Cassio, Clark Sturdevant as Iago’s lovelorn tool Roderigo, Mark Freiman as Lodovico and Winston Sullivan as Montano."

-Mark Bretz, Ladue News



"Remarkable strength, ensemble, and stage presence were displayed by [Magic Flute's] Three Ladies

(Leila Bowie, Marci Wagnon Jackson, and Robin Bradley)."

 -John W. Barker, The Well-Tempered Ear



"Mezzo Robin Bradley [as Marcellina] conveyed nicely the character transition

from shrew to loving mother." 

-John W. Barker, The Well-Tempered Ear



"You posses a very colorful, interesting and beautiful instrument."

 -Cathy Dunn, Elgin Opera Vocal Competition



"Lovely German. Lots of potential here...TONS!!!"

- William Powers, Elgin Opera Vocal Competition

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